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  • City: Atlanta
  • State: Georgia

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We ship worldwide! We are located in Baltimore, MD. We are American BBB accredited Corset Company!! Easy to find us, just Google ORGANIC CORSETS. There are varieties of Heavy Duty Waist Training Corsets offered by NaughtySmile. NaughtySmile Heavy Duty Waist Training Corsets significantly helps to shape or reduce your waist size up to 6 inches. Our all steel boned corsets are composed of 3-5 layers of fabric, 14-24 and more spiral stainless steel bones, 6-8 inches modesty panel, top-quality accessories and 100% organic cotton lining! Please visit http://www.organiccorsetusa.com & http://www.corsetsworld.com for detail. For Fashion Corsets prices start from $ 14.00 with worldwide free shipping , please visit http://www.naughtysmile-lingerie.com Phone: 800-209-5070 E-mail sales@organiccorsetusa.com