CHRISTMAS DAY 2016: Digital Flatbed Cutters from Colex

  • City: Baldwin
  • State: Maryland

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Applications of Sharpcut Flatbed Cutters Removal of Finished Jobs: The Sharpcut Conveyor efficiently speeds up the removal of finished jobs from the cutting table. Fabrics/Textiles Cutting: Combine the Sharpcut Conveyor with the Roll Feeder and the Clamping Bar to cut fabrics/textiles. Board cutting Pallet to Pallet: Combine the Sharpcut Conveyor with the Automatic Board Feeder (including Pallet Table) and Clamping Bar for board cutting. Cuts up to 70 boards (soft) 4 X 8 per hour. Colex Manufactures these versatile cutters: - Call us: - 201-265-5670