Registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats

  • Price : $300
  • City: Milton
  • State: Vermont

   Phone (802) 891-9695


Registered Nigerian Dwarf Goat kids, doelings, bucklings, wethers, for sale. All born late March to early April. Great for home dairy or as pets. Prices $300-450 for registered animals, $150 for unregistered wethered males. Significant discounts when purchasing multiple animals. Let us know your needs and we will work with you to make it happen. Nigerian Dwarf Goats are gentle, family-friendly animals perfect for small homesteads, back-yard enthusiasts, and others looking to produce their own dairy products or just to add some valued pets. They can produce 1-2 quarts of milk daily that is sweet, creamy, and never goaty. Good Friends Farm is a small family homestead raising registered Nigerian Dwarf goats on 30 acres of pasture and browse in the Northern Champlain Valley of Vermont. Our herd is free of CAEV and other diseases. See details about available animals, our farm, and our husbandry on our web site and our Facebook page- search "Good Friends Farm" or email us for details.